PeDiSem was founded in 2019 as a provider of new education tool, innovative education system and IP-based solution technology.

Prof. Yun Heub Song, founder of PeDiSem, is currently a professor at the Department of Electronic Engineering, Hanyang University and has 36 years of experience in semiconductor memory since 1983.

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Our education programs

Semiconductor Integration

Memory Technologies : DRAM, NAND Flash, PRAM, MRAM, etc.
Logic Technologies : Standard, Embedded
Sensor, MEMS Technologies
2.5 & 3D Package, TSV Technologies

Semiconductor Process

ALD Technologies : Metal, IGZO, Dielectric
Plasma, Etch, Metal, etc.

Semiconductor Technology for AI

Synapse, Neuromorphic Chip, AI Applications

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VR/AR Programs



SDT : Semiconductor Digital Twin
VR : Virtual Reality
AR : Augmented Reality

PeDiSem News

R & D


3D NAND architecture with reconfigurable drain-source electrode metallization : 10-2067113

Cell integration in WL area and its fabrication method in V-NAND : 10-2019-0057816

Middle Metal Line Formation and Its Operation in V-NAND : 10-2019-0145234


Middle B/L cell architecture in V-NAND

Cost effective cell architecture in V-NAND

High performance cell technology in V-NAND

2 terminal cell technology for X-point array

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