Company Overview

Vision and Scope

Innovative Education

  • Development of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) based Process Integration, and carry out New Education Program
  • Training for Expert in Semiconductor Field using Advanced VR Education Technique
  • Enterprise-Customized Expert Training
  • Globalize PeDiSem Product and Education Skill

IP Technologies

  • New Solution for High Step 3D Flash Memory, DRAM, X-point : Architecture, Cell, Material, etc.
  • Semiconductor Technology for AI Application : Synapse, Neuron, Neuromorphic Chip
  • AI Merged Equipment Solution in Semiconductor Area

About Us

PeDiSem was founded in 2019 as a provider of new education tool, innovative education system and IP-based solution technology.

Prof. Yun Heub Song, founder of PeDiSem, is currently a professor at the Department of Electronic Engineering, Hanyang University and has 36 years of experience in semiconductor memory since 1983. He was a vice-president in flash memory development team at Samsung Electronics. He has more than 100 patents in memory since 2010. Based on expertise in related fields, we aim to expand our partnership with semiconductor companies around the world through the development of creative and specialized future technologies required in the semiconductor industry through international IP-based technology development.

In the fields of Memory & Logic Integration and Process, and devices for AI applications, experts from world carry out this education program. Based on IP technology, we focus on developing new semiconductor technologies.

Our Services

Innovative Education System

– New education program in semiconductor field
– Technical training for domestic and international companies in semiconductor field

IP based Research and Development

– IP Business, Royalty
– Domestic, International Collaboration in IP based Tech.